Well construction - quality with low wear and tear

Each well drilling head should be adapted individually

Within the framework of well construction, there are different areas of application. Irrespective of whether a well is used for water, geothermal energy or any other type of well construction, the basic principle is to drill a vertical borehole with different diameters. Of course, the quality of the drill head is crucial. The decisive factor is that we adapt the drill head to the conditions. Depending on the rock, the cutting tool and the drill head as a whole must be adapted. In this way, we achieve fast propulsion with low wear. And if your drill head needs to be restored again, we can take care of it immediately and also in top quality.


Great variety and high quality, that is Mika GmbH

Due to our specialization in rock cutting technology, we can offer a wide range of drill heads. Our more than 35 years of experience in the field of well drilling ensures that our customers are absolutely satisfied. Make an appointment with us today so that we can support your project as efficiently as possible.