Drilling heads for tunnel construction

In the meantime, tunnel construction has become a highly complex topic. Not only the drive technology but also the necessary drill heads are highly specialized. Mika GmbH has specialized in the manufacture and modernization of drill heads in this area.

Boring heads in tunnel construction - highest quality at Mika GmbH

The drill heads we produce meet the highest quality standards. Our work is characterised by the fact that we can manufacture drill heads for any rock. Our customers benefit from our more than 35 years of experience and from our takeover of the specialist Kolk company. Through our know-how and our highly qualified employees, we offer our customers the necessary quality for efficient drill heads.


Tunnelling machines and boring heads

A tunnelling machine consists of two essential aspects. On the one hand, it requires a kind of tunnelling machine that ensures that the machine is driven. However, the drilling head is the decisive factor for the efficiency of the entire machine. You can rely on our quality and reliability here. We offer fast response times and high customer satisfaction at fair prices.


Spare parts and accessories for tunnel boring heads

As we do not sell drill heads, but also produce them independently, we offer all spare parts and accessories from our own production. In particular, we distinguish ourselves by the production of our cutting rolls, which are highly resistant and relatively durable. Make an appointment with us today and let us convince you of our work!

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