Microtunnelling - trenchless pipe jacking

Who doesn't know it: In residential areas or in general road traffic, the speedy passage is disturbed by the fact that a construction site needs traffic diversions. This often results in delays of several minutes, which ultimately cost money. With the help of microtunnelling, however, it is possible, for example, to lay pipes trenchless and underground, so that disruption to road traffic is reduced to a minimum. All suppliers in the field of microtunnelling benefit from the fact that the drill heads used in this process are as efficient and durable as possible. Mika GmbH manufactures high-quality drill heads that ensure that customers are highly satisfied - and have been for decades!

How does microtunnelling work?

In microtunnelling it is of decisive importance which material is used. Most of the work is carried out by the drill head, so that it should be optimally adapted to the conditions, i.e. the corresponding soil conditions. Drilling can take place at different levels and depths. Please contact our hotline for a detailed explanation and optimum advice on the right drilling head.