Horizontal drilling technology - Drilling technology for highest demands

The horizontal drilling technique developed especially in the USA is used in particular in the field of sewer construction. The efficiency and thus also the cost of this drilling technology are directly related to the drill heads and cutting tools. Mika GmbH offers drill heads with different diameters. You can therefore rely on the quality of our technology and production.

Where is horizontal drilling technology used?

Companies that specialize in HDD drilling ensure that all types of pipes and tubes that run horizontally can be laid. The realization of such projects inevitably depends on the quality of the producers of the drill heads. Benefit from our 35 years of experience.


Maintenance and care by Mika GmbH

In addition to maintenance, restoration and care, Mika GmbH also offers its customers the corresponding accessories and the necessary spare parts. If spare parts are necessary, we can restore the drill heads directly on our premises and ensure that they are used again as quickly as possible.